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windmills and more

On our "windmill-tours", we will tell the stories of so-called "droogmaakerijen" in North-Holland. Without these "giants on wet feet" the country would look very different today. Swamps and lakes would it make impossible, to cross the country. Nowadays we can go by bike across those areas and find beautiful and smooth cultivated areas, which are typical for Holland.

short windmill-tour

On the short windmill tour  trail Mühlentour (18km - or at a slightly longer version about 22 km) we pass 9 waterwindmills and 2 (3) grain-windmills - most of them in the city of Alkmaar.

The tour lasts with explanations about 2-2.5 hours - beginning and ending in the city of Alkmaar.

long windmill-tour

On our long windmill-tour (approximately 35km) we cycle through the polders to the east of Alkmaar to Schermerhorn, where we visit a small windmill-museum.  With explanations and visting the museum this tour lasts approximately 5 hours.

Both tours can be booked at short notice. By appointment. Prices are based on the number of participants.

special-price for the small windmill-tour for groups of 4 people of more:  € 6,00 p.p. - All other rates you can find here.